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Charles Garrett for Mississippi Governor 2015! (possibly, still being undecided.) This campaign as well as this site being under construction at present.


Fixing Medicaid:

No more $20.00 aspirins in hospitals! The basic idea is an eventual national State run hospital program that pays the staff the same rates bypassing healthcare in this Nation being maintained by profit based business' with healthcare being incorporated into the State's welfare programs instead; with, the savings to Medicaid and Medicare being literally fixed Nationally in the long term without sacrificing current healthcare employment or wages.  

New State Auto Insurance Theme: Based on the common welfare of the citizens of the state, paying for it's self.

Being a welfare issue, run as a side business in the welfare dept of Mississippi, paying for it's self as a business as affordable as we can get for basic liability, plus the plan will also earn extra, otherwise wouldn't be income for the state with the more expensive insurance plans being still more affordable than any private business. Any person could start an insurance business, much less a state full of seasoned future employees adopted from the current business' already in place. Cutting out the profit being all it will take to ease auto/health insurance cost as much as we can. Instead of paying large out of State corporations who's goal is to make a profit, the state could offer a much more affordable basic insurance plan, then actually make revenue from the better insurances, hiring the professionals that already live and work in this State in this field.

Redoing the employment agencies: Hiring out of work professionals who are willing to work for the experience while they are off work to create a job placement program much like existing job placement programs, who all but enslaves those who are all but forced to use it's services, charging a percentage of wages by contract. Without the bonds of those corporations which many caught in those programs all but despise in this area of the employment field. And the use of out of work professionals that are willing to work for low wages while awaiting professional employment could be adopted in many other areas that benefit the State and other programs also.

Law reform: Quick definition of the crime of obstruction of justice pertaining to prosecution. *Speculation. Being based on imagination contradicting the concept of 'beyond a shadow of a doubt'. If testimony is introduced against a citizen that is based on guesswork, or information that has a shadow of guesswork, imagination and or deliberate fabrication which is perjury also in terms of criminal offence: Any of the basic concerning speculation or the use of conspiracy theory, or any other theory and or guesswork is in fact obstruction of justice, other prosecutable laws applying also.

Audio Message: Public Safety and Corruption. Aprox. 5.5min.

Law Reform: Public Safety being the issue.

Federal Law Reform is one of the first issues I am dealing with, public Safety being the biggest concern of the public, being the case with any person.

My Internet connection was shut off after being attacked online no sooner than I began reporting crimes committed during what has become now a seven year ordeal where I myself was railroaded through the Federal prison system concerning an email to the White House; (Title 18 Section 871) the wording of the email not fitting the actual law with the arresting officer making up a character to fabricate a case by means of a fictional character out of the automatic complaint. All the evidence is in the court records which I myself don't have access to, but, not out of spite, but, in the process of cleaning up the state, and the Country as far as that goes in terms of public Safety in concerns with dishonest law enforcement and corruption; my case is a perfect example of what is an everyday occurrence within the Federal system and thought the law field in the US and Internationally also due to natural thinking and natural attractions to the occupation and the bad habits that result in conformed practiced injustice.

The first issue, a widespread 'assumed privilege of prosecutors everywhere, what I refer to as 'tossing the Jury'. This is the act of using non-sense that doesn't relate to anything in particular during the course of a trial so as to give the appearance that something is being proven, leaving it in the memories of the Jury that 'something was proven' during the trial. This of course being against US and most National laws; 'obstruction of justice', that is, blocking the path of a fair and honest trial, and in fact, and automatic mistrial and what should be an automatic jail term and removal in terms of the offender and the Judge also if and when this practice is allowed. (past tense also)

Not to mention, even the Jury members who have fell victim to this practice in the past, have a creditable law suit which in reality shouldn't require any effort from the victims; any contradiction of that fact being against the very essence of fairness and honestly.

Court rooms playing tricks, pranks and games with the citizen's lives should be a thing left to the future history books in this and all honesty based Nations.

Audio Messages Concerning International Law Reform;

I am just now beginning this particular project and other public Safety projects, and there should be more to come soon:


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Federal law reform. Seemingly with no witnessed evidence myself for the record concerning the what appeared to be harassment: The harassment began as soon as the reform effort did up to present to my knowledge. Myself having spent three years in the Federal prison system and two more on a conditional release being forced via conditional release agreement on medications that contradict normal brain chemistry as to say:

An unfortunate natural mental complex, (mind set) being that some who work in the law field as being the case with other professional fields also, confuse the fact that they are paid to work with 'the law' and some, being hopefully a probable rare complex, get confused in thinking themselves to be 'the law' and as a result anything that may bypass their particular comprehension being counted as against themselves personally and in their own mind therefore, 'against the law'. This being another reason that 'by the book' is 'the law' with the Constitution being based on public safety hence, 'We the people', with protections and constitutional safeguards associated with modern 'laws' are there with good cause. Under the context of 'we the people', being for the civilians and towards the better interest of the civilian population, the base of civility, the term 'civil' being a reference to in one regard 'the measure of courteousness in terms of interaction with the surrounding culture or civilization'. The base of civility being to treat other's as you would be treated from the perspectives of those other's. Otherwise if it is against the better interest of one within the civilization, legal citizen or not, then the same can and would be applied against any of that civilization being both in contradiction to the essence of 'civility', 'civilized' and against the better interests of 'the people' with all US law being based on the constitution that in many ways is designed to protect the citizens it being our country in the first place.

As in the tale of a farmer who's workers where caught selling the livestock with excuses concerning their comfort at work being sincere in their own justifications well enough, yet with to their surprise, there justifications in reality not being estimated in the employer's lawful handling of the situation after finding out. This being a reference to the enforcement of 'obstruction of justice' charges to be applied Nationally concerning corruption in the law field.

There is a common mind set that I refer to as 'occupational blindness' that is in reality why many get off base and make serious mistakes concerning the well being of other's, this translating all throughout every society, and a cause in reality, being an actual complex, natural and common psychological mind set that may be and realistically should be applied Nationally concerning a plea bargain contract concerning dishonesty in the court systems. My thinking being along the lines of, if those who practice dishonesty in the court systems will assist in going over the cases where they have corrupted the fair course of individual's 'trials' throughout there history in the practice, assisting in sorting out the mounds of cases; a community service in essence also; then in reality the natural and common mind sets actually are behind some injustice's at least. (The overall effort being also being a relief to the respective in this particular field).

Occupational Blindness: Naturally, those who may be used to seeing the 'same thing' all day eventually loose the ability to discern one from another in simple terms. Also in the particular field of 'law' and 'court' in essence individuals eventually forget that honest people exist in one sense, being 'used to' dealing with crime and criminals to the extent that natural self defensive conscious hardening also being a contributing factor in many cases, leads to 'occupational blindness', and also a natural rebellion effect against injustice, in terms of a sometimes built up resentment of 'how life is' concerning injustice sometimes and does lead to the sabotage of justice. Those not being in this or similar fields having little relation, it is along to lines of the ancient joke that is a part of the initiation process of new Mafia leaders as commanded by the Catholic church from ages passed being in essence: "one time it was said that an angel took the Biblical character Jacob back in time in his elderly years and showed him a person, with Jacob inquiring to who that person was the angel replied, "That's Nimrod", and then Jacob asked, "why is he standing on that tower shooting arrows up into the clouds", and the angel replied, "because he saw something bad happen". Of course that turned out to be a reference to one of his religion translators who known to act a bit 'nicer' than long term observation reveled to be factual in terms of 'legitimate, but.


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How would you like some moron listening in on a personal conversation with an overactive imagination out to prove your guilt concerning whatever subject they happen to be on at the time???? Conspiracy theories from the prosecution's team in a court of law contradicts the very essence of 'beyond a shadow of a doubt', 'beyond any guess', beyond any hint of imagination or theory. The act of what is unfortunately normal Conspiracy theories against defendants being in fact 'obstruction of justice: a criminal offence. (Concerning the prosecution of court employees concerning this common offence also see my work concerning what I refer to as 'occupational blindness': a normal mental state that fits the concept of 'diminished capacity', with discussion capacity being diminished by this normal but distractive state of mind in lawful terms.

Defining the Patriot Act; Law practice Reform. Justifications for sustained or inappropriate surveillance being unwarrented.The base of any law in the better interests of society at large, whatever applying to one can and does apply to all others beside. With the base of social interests being 'civility' in terms of better civil/social interests, mischief has no place in law with imaginative interpretation being obstruction of justice with all or any form of translation within the law practice field. Defining the Patriot Act, Law Practice Reform. Also discussing how due to on paper, technical law, both idiots and the sadistic will put a child and an activist against in prison as if 'the words on paper' demanded or allowed. If any law goes beyond common sense, then, it goes against social better interests and is therefore against the spirit of the law, being towards the better interests of society, and never opposed to. (C) 2012. Charles Garrett.

More concerning my own railroading through the Federal Prison Network concerning a figure of speech in an email, a bad choice of words with no expectation of what I refer to as predators seeking complaints, with email being weak in the concept of seriousness in the first place. Figurative phrasing being normal communication within most languages including the English language. Also being forced through a release agreement on medications that contradict what most would consider 'normal'. Also see: Google.com, keywords: FederalWolves.com for older writings on the subject. (2008)


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Audio Message Concerning Federal and Law reform based a literal case actually associated with myself. Noting also in reference to the message, the fact is on an international level, as was the subject I was working on during the time which the email was written, there is no legitimate cause for any adult oriented material to be accessible without adult verification being my stance as was at that time on the subject. The campaign at the time centered around the concept of a keyword filter set in place, hopefully by the agreed choice of the major online search engines, if not according to mandatory International laws, there being no legitimate cause or probable inspiration not to in reference to dark factors.

While in the Federal system, at one point I was sent to a place in Rochester, Minnesota, and in this place they have a unit dedicated to the elderly and those handicapped past normal abilities. While there one person, suffering from and tormented by the negative side effects of psychotropic medication, committed suicide, after complaining constantly concerning the restlessness cause by the negative reaction to the medication.

Also, there was another individual in this particular facility with the inability to coherently communicate who was being prescribed an older medication called 'Haldol' in such an overdose that he constantly drank water from the sink trying to ease the negative symptoms. The unfortunate case being that most individuals who can communicate at a normal level are given what I would refer to as 'regular' and 'modern' medications with factors going into the cost of the medication and this particular individual's lack of ability to effectively complain. No matter the intent, this is unacceptable cruelty which not only this one individual but other's also suffer on a daily basis at present. There being other's also who in every literal sense, some being too elderly or disabled to literally commit a criminal offence some without the ability to effectively communicate or without the capability of the physical mobility necessary for most any possible realistic offence.


Charles Garrett for Mississippi Governor 2015! (Possibly)


Fixing Medicaid:

No more $20.00 aspirins in Hospitals! The basic idea is an eventual State run Hospital network that pays the staff the same rates without profit as the base, but in the State's welfare program instead; with only common sense over the overhead costs, the savings to Medicaid and Medicare and other like programs in this State and Nation as adopted, would be un measurable in the long term, without anyone loosing jobs. ('Philosophic' note to Healthcare corporation CEO's, ect; you can't gain a realistic grasp on those numbers in the first place - redcross.com) smiles.


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Social Reform for the Modern Age

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